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Our Story

We’ve always done things together and somehow, we’ve managed to do them well.

We’re two brothers – Kevin and Scott – with a passion for competitive curling, quality clothing, delicious beers, and great music.

Representing Nova Scotia, we’ve curled together across Canada since we were kids. Back in 2014 we were looking for some curling clothes with a unique look; preferably made in Canada.

We couldn’t find any, so we made our own and spent 50 bucks each on 12 red t-shirts.

But then our non-curling friends said “Hey, I’d wear that.

So, we made more, and started selling our tees and hoodies at the Alderney Landing Farmers’ Market in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Just like that - New Scotland Clothing Co. was born.

With a little help from friends like Jonathan Torrens, who took our “fresh threads” on TV, and musician Joel Plaskett, who was looking for Canadian-made clothing for a local fundraiser, we found even more people wanting to wear our lion and represent Nova Scotian and Celtic culture.

After a year and a half, we needed more space, and we got way more. In five weeks, we went from spending our Saturday mornings paying for a table at the farmer’s market, to paying rent on three retail locations.

"Everyone told us we were silly to stretch ourselves so thin. That’s probably true, but we’re also stubborn, so we started working even harder."

But it was getting tough splitting our time between our own business and our day jobs, and while we were lucky to have the best bosses, we needed to work for ourselves.

That’s when we started to realize that this thing could go somewhere.

With a young family, Kevin used up his benefits and left his career to focus on the business full-time.  Scott wasn’t far off.

Hanging out at a local pub one night, we had another idea – “You know, that logo would look pretty good on a tap handle.”

Soon after, we hosted a party and our friend Mike Gillespie brought over some his brews. Our friends said, “Hey, I’d drink that.” So, we teamed up with Mike and made more.

Just like that - New Scotland Brewing Co. was born.

Scott decided to leave his career behind in 2018 to open the brewery with Kevin and Mike.

With our love of music, we wanted a place to showcase Nova Scotia’s homegrown talent – and maybe fumble through a few tunes ourselves.  Now we’re serving pints and hosting everything from kitchen party-style ceilidhs to our favourite local artists.

The New Scotland brand represents everything we value at our core and we couldn’t be prouder of what it has become over the past five years. Thanks to our customers, family and friends for allowing us the opportunity to share our quality crafted goods, and making a new career out of it in the process.

If you ever find yourself in downtown Dartmouth, you will likely find us behind the counter at the clothing shop or behind the bar at the brewery.

Stop by and say hi, we are always up for a good time!

Kevin & Scott Saccary